Don’t Overpay For Disney World Florida Resident Annual Passes

ticket-machineLiving in the Sunshine State, I know I can save quite a bit of money thanks to special hotel deals and discounted Florida Resident Disney Tickets.

Savings so good, I never even questioned whether or not I was getting the best deal.

As it turns out, my blind trust cost me money!

And if you’re a Florida Resident, it could cost you too!

How much? Almost FORTY BUCKS on a Premium Annual Pass!

Here’s a breakdown of how much you could currently save.

Almost FORTY BUCKS on a Premium Annual Pass! Here’s a breakdown of how much you could currently save.

  • Florida Resident Weekday Select Pass (over $10)
  • Florida Resident Seasonal Pass (over $18)
  • Annual Pass (over $28)
  • Premium Annual Pass (over $39)

As you can see, if you’re a Florida Resident considering purchasing any of Disney’s Annual Passes, you can save yourself a good chunk of change by purchasing them through Best of Orlando.

It sounds too good to be true, I know.

But, it’s not.

No tricks, scams, or timeshare presentations here! Best of Orlando is a reputable ticket vendor who offers some pretty good deals on Orlando attraction tickets, including Florida Resident Disney Tickets.

After purchasing your tickets, you will receive an exchange certificate redeemable at any Walt Disney World ® ticket window. All you need is the exchange certificate and a valid Florida photo ID.

The only downside to these particular tickets is that Best of Orlando’s printable e-ticket option is not available, meaning shipping costs will eat into your savings a little.

To receive your tickets, you can pick them up locally (for free), have them delivered to your hotel ($11.95), or shipped to your home (starting at $8.95).

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